• Website

    There are no setup fees for a Connected Word site, you pay only the monthly hosting.

    Standard features

    Here are all the things that come free with a Connected Word site:

    The Perfect Design

    Choose from a rich set of designs as a starting point, and then work with our designers to get your unique look.

    "KickStart" Content

    We give you a great head start with lots of relevant pages, that have your church's information already worked into the text. You can now customize the content, and add or remove pages with ease.

    Update Your Own Content

    Now you're in control. No more "waiting for the web person" to update your months-old content. Log in easily to your site any time, right from your browser. You can edit your text in seconds. You can manage images and audio with point-and-click ease.

    Photo Galleries

    All our sites also come standard with both a clean, smart looking photo gallery, and a moving slideshow so you can post and share pictures.

    Unlimited Email Accounts

    Quickly and easily set up as many of your own email accounts as you and your staff need, using your domain name (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

    Free Domain Name

    If you get a new domain name with us, there is no charge for three years from sign up. If you already have a domain name you're happy with, you can maintain your registration with your current registrar like (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc) and we can switch the web hosting to the Connected Word server and receive the three years of a free domain.

    Events Calendar

    Display your schedule with our user- and visitor- friendly Events Calendar. Add new activities to your Events page with a simple interface. It's a great online resource for keeping track of service times, meetings, special events, and ongoing programs. You can also use your current Google calendar if you'd like.

    Join Us Section

    A major purpose of your web presence is to attract visitors. An effective set of "Join Us" pages are already laid out for you to help encourage some fresh faces to come in and experience your ministry.

    Clip art Library

    We provide you with an abundant library of church-related images (sometimes called "clipart") that you are free to use to enhance the look of your pages.


    Have videos you want to post to your site? A simple YouTube button lets you place videos right on your pages easily.

    PayPal Buttons

    Make online fundraising easy. We provide you with point-and-click PayPal button placement on any page.

    Web Stats

    See how many visitors are coming to your site each week, what pages they're looking at, and how long they're staying, with our beautiful, realtime web stat report.

  • Community Builder

    Members only area, blogs, podcast, message boards, social networking...

    Setup $49, Monthly fee $5.

    The real power of a Connected Word website is in the Community Builder package. This gives you an entire "site within a site" that your members (or staff) can log into and connect on a new level. Let one or more of your leaders have a blog, let your community post messages, broadcast unlimited numbers of sermons in audio podcast form, and get your social networking going -- all with the usual easy Connected Word interfaces.

    Community Builder monthly fee is added to your auto-bill-pay monthly hosting fee.

    Members Only Area

    Using the same Page Manager and editor as the public site, you get an entire sub-site that is login-only. Easily manage your users, and create unlimited pages for your folks to share information, photos, ideas, calendar events, and more.


    Set up any number of people with their own blogs, either for the members-only area, or the public side of the site. Creating blog entries uses the same easy editing features as regular pages, and articles are organized and archived automatically.


    Podcasting just got incredibly simple. Upload an audio file, and easily deploy the audio to any page on your site. You also get a Playlist player, which essentially gives you your own "radio station."

    Message Board

    This super-convenient module lets people easily pass messages on the members-only site to alert people to events, ideas, and announcements.

    Social Networking Boost

    If you have a Facebook page and/or Twitter account, we'll give you many options on how to deploy those links to your site. If you don't have them and need help getting started, we'll set it all up for you.

    Easy, easy, easy.

    Lest all of the modules above seem daunting and scary, rest assured that we make everything incredibly easy to create and manage. In addition to super-simple interfaces, we have video tutorials right there on your site that show you how to handle each component. And our tech support staff is standing by to help if needed.
  • Business Cards

    Beautiful Design

    A beautiful business card is an invaluable tool for visitors to have a point of contact. Our cards are glossy, durable, and vibrant.

    Integrated Look

    Every Connected Word web design comes with a matching business card design, so your look is guaranteed to be integrated. We'll send you proofs and get your feedback before sending it off to the printer.

    Quick Turnaround

    Once we submit your design to the printer, your cards will be in the mail to you in 3 business days. Future prints are equally quick.

    Setup and First Printing

    1000 ... $75
    2500 ... $105

    Repeat Printing

    1000 ... $55
    2500 ... $75

    Repeating Prices assume the design is unchanged. We keep your design on file fo as long as you are a client.

  • Church Store

    Setup - $35

    Raising money online for your church is incredibly easy and fun with a Church Store. We use a service called CafePress, which can put your design, logo, or pictures on many different types of products, such as shirts, hats, coffee mugs, mouse pads, hanging calendars and much more.

    We Handle Everything

    We'll set up your CafePress account for you, put your design on dozens of products, and show you how to manage your products, pricing, etc.

    Store On Your Site

    We will also integrate your CafePress Store into your website. Your products will now be visible on a Store page on your site. Visitors can click on any item to see a larger view, review all product options, and click on Check Out.

    Make Money

    CafePress will mail you a check about every 45 days with proceeds from product sales.

    One time setup includes your design, standard selection of products, and installation of store on your site.

  • Additional Features

    As comprehensive and sweeping as the above basic feature set is, we offer a number of other features that churches may find useful. All prices are one-time setup fees.

    Animated Header

    Give a little extra style to your site with an animated header using a universally accepted CSS platform. Have multiple pictures of your group fade in and out, several lines of text appear sequentially, or have some other movement that you specify.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Make your website more visible. Connected Word will work with you to improve your search rankings. We'll create a good “site description” for search engines to read, then make an inventory of all your pages and submit the file to the major search engines.


    Let your visitors post a comment or message on your Guestbook page. The messages don't go live until you approve of them. An email comes to you to inform you of a new message

    Content Transfer

    If you have an existing site that has content that is valuable, we can transfer the essential pages of your old site to your new Connected Word site. We will transfer the content (text and images) of up to 10 of your most essential pages to your new site. Some minor reformatting may be necessary to unify the look of your content to your new site's color scheme and style. This does not include photo galleries or audio tracks (for audio upload, please see the 'Upload My Audio' feature), but does include the transfer of up to 20 documents, such as Word documents, PDFs, etc.